Take time out to refresh your senses, revitalise your body and indulge in ultimate relaxation.
1. Back Shoulder Head &Neck Therapy Massage

  • 60 minutes USD 19.80
  • 90 minutes USD 27.50
  • 120 minutes USD 38.50

This treatment focuses on the high tension areas – neck, shoulder and back. It is designed to relieve muscle tightness, increase flexibility and improve circulation and recovery.
2. Foot Scrub Reflexology Massage

  • 60 minutes USD 22.00
  • 90 minutes USD 29.70
  • 120 minutes USD 37.40

This unique two-part treatment being with a cleansing salt scrub and is followed by foot reflexology technique. This massage concentrates on the soles of the feet to restore perfect harmony to the entire body. A peaceful leg massage is included to promoted relaxation and wellness.