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May 27, 2022, 10:07 am
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Souvenir Shop

We aim to not only provide our guests with a wide range of souvenirs from across Cambodia, but also to help support the local economies in provinces across the Kingdom. Nothing sold in our shop is mass produced but is all handmade by local people and small social enterprises. These enterprises not only preserve traditional skills but also help support orphaned children, disabled Cambodians, students, and women.

Here are some examples of the products available:

  1. Silk & Cotton Scarves. Made using organic dye & hand-woven fabrics by skilled traditional weavers, most of whom are housewives in poor provincial villages who have learned craft production to improve the livelihoods of their families and to maintain traditional skills.
  2. Our consignments come from communities which support poor students to access education. All designs are inspired by the Apsara traditions of ancient Cambodia (such as the designs found on many walls at the Angkor Temple Complex). The ceramic beads used are handmade at workshops in Siem Reap using locally sourced clay.
  3. Using local and ethically sourced fabrics and made by traditional hand weaving, our clothes come in a variety of modern and traditional styles.
  4. Antiques and ornaments. All handmade by local artisans from across Cambodia
  5. Accessories. A range of souvenir accessories all handmade using local and ethically sourced materials.

If guests wish to purchase large or oversized items, our staff will be happy to organise all the required documentation and uplift for shipping to your home country or destination of choice.